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  • Visual Design
  • Video Mapping for live performance
  • Real-time live video mixing
  • Video performance artist
  • Live camera feed
  • Multiple screen set up
  • Customized visuals

Your show will include a highly trained and experienced visual technician. Photon will use multiple screens and digital projectors and they will be set up in a professional and aesthetic manner.

With the use of real-time visual effects he will create a visual synthesis of art and technology that will transport the audience from an ancient forest to a modern city, around the planet arriving on a futuristic world beyond our galaxy.

Photon uses a multi-media library of video content. The visuals will be mixed from multiple video sources including computer-generated graphics, live camera feed and DVDs. Photon has the ability to use any content provided by the client, including logos, photos, graphics and advertising. Photon will work with you to create customized visuals for your event.

Photon looks forward to working with live music performances in theatres, nightclubs, arenas, DJ tours, corporate events, touring performers, product launches, private parties, music videos, special workshops, interactive installations, weddings, fashion shows or any event that needs a video installation.

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